You could say we’re a little obsessed with bags — they are so much more forgiving than clothes, and look just as good even when you’ve gained a couple of pounds – so you can only imagine our excitement upon discovering One Girl’s Party, where “it’s all about the handbags.”

We believe a really great bag can make you look good, feel good and, yes, even do good — because when you have a bag you love, you want to keep opening it and are happy to reach in and take out a few dollars to make a donation or tip your barista.

All of One Girls’ Party’s bags are made from deconstructed, reclaimed bags which have been recycled and remixed for one-of-a-kind style. This Cocktails at Six collection is one of our favorites — and this beauty is a stand-out. Laden with black feathers and topped off with an adorable bird cage detail, it’s the kind of bag that makes a statement — without breaking your bank statement